Event Branding


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Beauty Supply Show


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Print Design


For my first solo show, Beauty Supply, I needed graphics that would not only promote the event but also embody the bright, lively nature of the paintings being showcased.

I created a logo for the series to be used on all promotions and merchandise. I then utilized the color scheme and subject matter of the paintings. This included imagery commonly found in beauty supplies (packs of hair, product bottles, headwraps). 


beauty supply portfolio graphic.jpg


The purpose of the Beauty Supply was to start a conversation around the fact the beauty supplies are staples in the black community but often not black-owned. This led me to research those locations that are black-owned and create a campaign to promote them.

The campaign needed to work across multiple social media platforms and maintain similar imagery and colors as the promotion for the show. Each location was presented in the same layout while the colors alternated in a pink, yellow and blue pattern.

beauty supply portfolio graphic 2.jpg

beauty supply lockscreen.jpg

show promo pink.jpg


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